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Connecting the rig to an ethernet cable

Hi everyone,

For the past couple of months Ive been using wifi (via USB ) for my mining rig as the internet modem is quite far from my room and didnt want to use a 20m ethernet cable. However, last 5 or so days Ive realised that the rig was going offline very frequently. Once I moved the rig (temporarily) next to the modem downstairs, it was mining perfectly without going offline. Then I bought a 20m cable after all and decided to connect the modem to the rig and bring the rig back to my room. Unfortunately, the ethner cable connected doesnt provide the rig with internet as it is offline.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem? I thought as soon as I connect the ethernet cable, the internet will start working instantly.

Thanks in advance

Have you ran net-test from the shell to see if it’s an api server connection issue?