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Confused with Wallet and Flightsheet Parameters on Hiveos

Hello guys,

I’d like to ask you some questions which are crucial when it comes to get paid correctly.
My concern is that I might was not able to understand 100% of what I’m doing when creating a wallet + flight sheet in HiveOS. I guess there could be some failure in the respective settings since wallet and flight sheet contains some misleading information (please have a look at the pictures which I attached)

So let me dive in

  • Wallet goes to Coinbase but my Pool is HiveON
  • I added some confusing parameters into my wallet (p. see attached picture)
    The source is Coinbase but the address is HiveON

So my final question is whether everything is being set up correctly or should I change some of the settings/ Parameters in order to ensure my payment?

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day


A wallet is a component of a flight sheet , the pool you mine too is a seperate component , but uses your wallet address to make a payment once you meet the minimum payment threshold of the pool , if you go to the website of most pools & enter your wallet address you should pick up all your mining details , this is a critical step to ensure you are mining to the correct pool & using the correct wallet address…based on your screen shot you have mined 0.0685 ether to the Hiveon pool who’s minimum payout threshold is 0.1 ether. Search your address on their website to look at all the graphed detail…hope this has helped…

This was very useful information: “if you go to the website of most pools & enter your wallet address you should pick up all your mining details” I have just done so and confirmed that I have successfully mined for a few minutes from the pool. I’m not surprised you’re confused. I didn’t understand it on setup (having zero understanding of wallets) and decided to leave it until pay-out time. In consequence, I had the wrong details for ‘my wallet’ incorrectly inserting my farm hash in that field. Two weeks mining later and I’ve had to kiss $400 goodbye. I think it’s seen as an article of faith that everyone has ‘a wallet’ and completely understands what they are before they even start mining. It’s a steep learning curve.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always tell you if you have the right wallet address. I was mining on HiveOn pool and the number I was using was completely incorrect, yet it has recorded this number as the wallet for the funds, even though the wallet doesn’t actually exist.

The clipboard + copy & paste function are your friends when it comes to wallet addresses , as you have pointed out mistakes can be very costly…but once setup correctly with good hardware the mining process is fairly trouble free , with plenty tools to monitor progress.
Happy mining…:grin:


Well I think I made the same mistake, but I have to say goodbye to almost 2k?

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