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Confused about 1070 and H/s rate?

Forgive my lack of knowledge, I cannot seem to find the answer to this anywhere.
I just setup two miners, AMD 470 and Nvidia 1070. Everything went well, I used miniz for the 1070’s and get this H/s rating which I think i really low.

Why am I getting H/s instead of mh/s like I do with the AMD cards using teamredminer.

Do I need to change something with the flight sheet on the 1070s.
Big thanks to anybody that can send me in the right direction.

Hello guys I’m sorry for disturbing you but I would highly appreciate your answers! I really wanna avoid to make a fail in my very first payout… thank you so much! Stay clean and keep your social distance :slight_smile:

MH/s on beamhash? Are you joking? ))))
Even RTX 3090 has around 60 Sol/s (H/s).

Different algorithm has different typical metrics. For BeamHash it’s “Solutions per second” (Sol/s or H/s)

Ha, yeah I’m pretty new at this.
Thanks for the explanation, the example of RTX3090 really helped me understand what I can get from these 1070s … and of course what H/s means.


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