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Conflux mining error

I am having trouble mining conflux, but it seems it is not a coin specific problem. My rig cant connect to the miningpool. it says:

2 minutes after booting up it looses conection to the hiveos website but the rig is still on and the mouse can be moved, so it doesnt freeze, but if i can change setting i have to reboot it manually.

EDIT: I tried conecting it with a ethernet cable and now it works. I still would like to know how to fix this using wifi, so i can avoid using the cable that is very coumbersome.

Did you try other servers or other pools?

Yes, same thing.

Sounds like a local network issue, are you losing connection to the router?

My other devices over wifi have no issues

Is this device losing connection to the router?

i don’t know, how can i check that?

run net-test and see if it has an ip address

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