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Configuration for IPV6

I just noticed one term called “IPV6”. I’m wondering what actually it is. What are its advantages? and also disadvantages. If it’s beneficial please help me out to configure it. Like do I need a Static IP from my ISP or Dynamic IP will do? Well my Router has IPV6 support as it shows option to enable IPV6. But still I’m afraid to move on…

In simple terms, IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet Protocol, the system that provides an ID and location for devices on a network. It’s pretty neat because it bolsters security, simplifies address configurations, and, most importantly, solves the IP address exhaustion issue concerned with the earlier IPv4. The downside could be compatibility issues with older devices or systems designed for IPv4.

You don’t specifically need a static IP to run IPv6. A dynamic IP will do just fine. If your router supports it, enable it.

If you need to maintain anonymity while navigating, is your choice. I get my proxies from there and haven’t had any problems. It helps immensely when I want to play around with settings without risking my primary IP.