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Command to change Flight sheet

which is the command line to change the flight sheet? I need to do it on the console not on the GUI!!


You can edit your flight sheet from main Hive Gui. Choose your worker name, double click on it, and this will open up. Towards the top left of the screen beneath the miner coin and pool date, you should see “Flight Sheet” to the right of “Overview”. Click on “Flight Sheet” and this will show the current one being used. To the right of this there re 3 dots … you can click ont hat to edit or unset the current flight sheet. If you are creating a flight sheet for the first time, you may need to create a wallet (an address for the coins to pay out to). To launch a flight sheet, click on the rocket icon to the right hand side of the Flight sheet (next to the 3 dots …)

Yes, I know how to do it on the GUI. I need to do it on Linux console as I want to make an automatic script.

Hello, do you have solved this issue? I’m also interested to find a command for Linux console to make an automatic script able to change Flight Sheet.

hive has an api. You would need to do changes through the api for your rig to change. If you look at the autoswitch utility (search the forum), it does something like this. Has a program that runs locally (though you probably could run it off any computer), and sends changes to hive

U find solved?