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Colorful P106-100 6 GB Overclocking issues

I have seen a lot of p106-100 settings. I am using the default settings core -120, mem 500 and pl 77. and getting a MH of 19-20. but i have seen people getting 22-24 MH but when i try to change core 150, mem 1000 and pl 75 i get the 23ish MH. and when i do the same to card number 2 it zeros out. is there something i am missing or is it just the card? Colorful P106-100 6 GB. i am running this all in hiveos. any help please.

This seems to be the best setting for the Colorful P106-100 with Hynix memory.

In my Opinion, the Hynix memory cannot tolerate extreme overclocks like the Micron or Samsung memory.

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