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CoinbasePro Wallet Address Changing?

I originally set up my farm to be mined to my Coinbase Pro account. I noticed today that my address was different on Coinbase Pro. I just changed my wallet address to something static. Would I still get paid out for what I originally mined to Coinbase Pro?

Coinbase changes wallet address after every transaction, but all addresses that were generated for you are yours forever and you can use them to receive future payments.

Regarding payout, you can get your remaining balance, but methods are different between pools. Check the rules of the pool you are mining on.

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Hello so if I understand this then U have to change this every time after a payout for new flight sheet and if so is there a way to just put 1 address and be done???

You can leave it, it’s still attached to your account.

Hello thanks for the reply so just reactivate the flight sheet with that adddress again and it will be ok and deposit as normal

Yes I freaked out the first time I did that too

Nice very kool Thanks

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