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Code 8: Process crashed

Hi All. I’ve been noticing my miner uptime is always low and realised that the miner is restarting every few hours.

I’ve initially thought this may be down to OC settings, but dropped my OC settings right down and also ran without any OC settings applied, the miner still restarts.

I’ve also tried different miners, phoenix miner, t-rex and currently on NBminer. All do the same. NBminer gives me the best share acceptance rate over the others I’ve tried.

Cards in use on this rig is just 2x INNO3D 2060 Nvidia, Core 1050, Mem 1400, PL 125.

Looking in the logs, I see “mining program unexpected exit” folloed by “mCode 8: Reason: Process Crashed”

I cannot find anything related to this error code to give me a clue why it’s happeining. Can anyone shed any light?

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Can anyone recommend a “safe” OC setting? Everyone I speak to says “OC” but whatever setting I use for OC it still crashes. Even with no OC.

did you find what it was?

same thing here


Dear Friends any update on this error
“Code: 8, Reason: Process crashed”

mesmo erro no nb miner no trex e gminer travam a maquina no nbminer reinicia o minerador , acredito ser algun crash de placa mais como descobrir qual delas , ajuda nos hiveos

I am also facing the same issue , now i am using gminer and also revisited the PSU distribution of risers , GPU and Mobo. ensured 80% is peak power usage per PSU (I have 2 PSU). from past 24hr they are stable on gminer but low hash rate . now testing to increase then I have 5 1660s currently running at 31 mhs

Guys if you like me are mining with hive the more for the nicehash pool change pool I changed mine to the hiveon pool and the cod 8 error problem disappeared

I can confirm this is happening on my 12 card rig now…I just upgrade nbminer to latest…we’ll see if that helps.

Bonsoir meme problème pour moi avec Nbminer , crash de façon aléatoire j’ai du passé sur Gminer

how fix error code 8?

Have the same problem Code:8 and NBminer crash all the time, maybe 4 times a day or so.
Have someone found how to fix it?

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