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CMP 90hx high mem temp

Hello, since the last hive updates, the miner stops twice a day. It’s composed of 6 units of CMP90HX.
Stable for 6 months even in dual mining. Unable to control memory temperature.
I have:

  • downgrade the drivers
  • update the OS
  • lolminer update
  • Change to t-rexminer
  • Test with different overclocking

Someone can help me?

Tune your ocs, find the highest stable mem clock, and the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. 1500 core is way more than needed.

Increase fan to 100%, if it still doesn’t get the mem temps where you want them upgrade the thermal pads.

Thanks for your quick response and advice.
Indeed, 1500 is too high. I gave the starting data, namely 1290 / 900. So I came to the same conclusions about the pads that I will replace with copper pads because the temperature remains high (108°C)

Any 12w/mk or higher conductivity thermal pads should do fine, but copper with proper precautions will definitely be lower temps

Thank you for your reply.