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CMP 30HX problem with FANS

Hi all!

I have a Rig with 10 CMP 30hx Gigabyte and 2 RX 570 8gb MSI Armor and work pretty well. 31mh/s + each one.

I have a question, I’ve never be able to make to work the fan of this GPUs… It’s working, slow, but it’s on. When I put on HiveOs, like 80% it’s remain the same as if I put 20%. On the other hand, both RX570 work very well in that.

AutoFan on or off doesn’t make any difference. HiveOS displays me that FAN is working, with percentage and everything, but physically it doesn’t change.

Is it common? Any solution??

Thanks in advance, and good minning.

I am over here just pondering how you got your hands on any of the CMP cards. This could be a problem with your miner. Which one are you using? But honestly how did you get CMP cards lol?

LolMiner. GPUs are too expensive in Argentina and CMPs cost more than a half of a 1660s, ROI estimated in Argentina for mining is 12+ months. With CMP is like 7 months.

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