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CMP 30HX not working

Hello everyone

I have 3 CMP 30HX but can not make them work. I am using lolMiner 1.31 and it tells:

Number of CUDA supported GPUs: 0

I just installed the ISO file with my rig.conf file and did not any extra changes or weird configurations.

Any hints?
Best regards,

So I just managed to make it work, I did the following:

  1. Disconnected all cards but 1 (to discard a possible not-enough-power issue)
  2. put the rig on MAINTENANCE mode,
  3. open a console from the panel and ran:

nvidia-driver-update 470.57.02

and now it is working,

P/s: I got the list of drivers from here:

and then look for the highest version number.

Hope that works for anyone else with the same issues.


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