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Claymore Vs Ethminer performance

I would like to try ethminer to mine ETH. However, i found that the ethmier is poor performance than Claymore under same GPUs.

Claymore -> 57.84 MH/s
Ethminer -> 52.92 Mh/s

My hardware :
MSI RX 570 8G x1
Gigabyte RX 570 4G x1
Asus B250 ME

I am useing the same pool for testing both Claymore and Ethminer

Do any one know why?

Claymore mining Results :

Ethminer mining Results

Ethermine give you better performance than claymore, a lot of gpu error when using my rigs with 1080 ti with the pill.

You will see really good increase on stability using the ethermine miner.

Better optimized for NVidia cards.
For AMD cards Claymore’s Dual best choise

Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile:

AMD needs the following parameters in the “extra arguments” section of the wallet:

--cl-local-work 256
--cl-global-work 65536
--cl-kernel 1
--cl-parallel-hash 2

try to add suggested parameters, but the performance are the same.

Here is example how claymore works with rx 480 and rx 580. Gave up ethminer long time ago :slight_smile: hiveos/reported hashrate 240mh/s . So point to claymore :slight_smile:
Ethminer --cl-kernel 1-experimetal kernel. i did got better hashrate and mining with cl-kernel 0 - stable kernel.