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Claymore not work

Hi everyone. Have a problem with claymore dual. Its starts, but that’s all what it do. Watch the screenshot. Has anyone the same problem? have any solution? thanks

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Hmmm I get the solution. Miner is not start if my GPUs is OverClocked. So I reser their OC, start miner, and then Overclocked it. So weird x_X

i had same problem - but i just downgraded HiveOS - i ran this command - apt-get install -y --allow-downgrades hive=0.5-32 || now it works perfect even watchdog running claymore 11.8 with all OC settings - i am running RX480 8GB bios modded and overclocked

и у меня таже фигня!
можно в hiveos запускать разгон после старта майнера?