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Claymore dropping temperature stats on Hynix cards and hashrate of all cards?

I’ve got a setup of 6x1060’s; 3 samsung, 3 hynix. When I start claymore, the 3 samsung dual hash at their usual 21 mh/s, the hynix at 18 or so and all cards report the temp just fine.

After a bit however, the temperature is no longer reported and all cards drop to 17 mh/s.

I thought it was an overclock issue but I’ve taken it down quite a bit and it still happens. Is claymore throttling back the cards since it doesn’t know the temp.?

I have another miner of all samsung/micron cards and never have temp reporting issues.

Same problem

I’m running 8 MSI GTX 1060 6GB cards and they are all identical. I’m mining nanopool yet I have 4 cards mining at approx 19.93 MH/s and 4 at approx 15.60 MH/s. Cant figure out why the difference. Any solved this problem yet?

Firewalker, it’s likely you got hynix memory in the low hash cards. I have 3 & 3 in this setup (circled digits differentiate memory)