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Clarification of "free" rigs on Nicehash

It appears that now only 1 rig is totally free when mining to Eth pools other than Hiveon. However I see this line listed in the FAQ:

“Mining on NiceHash, Comining, MRR — 4 rigs are free”

I have only 2 rigs, just a small home miner and been mining to the NiceHash stratum servers directly for the last year. My page now shows I have a current balance of -$0.09 with “1 day until lock”. Pretty harsh.

Is 2 rigs mining to NiceHash no longer free?

Nicehash service it’s not mining Ethereum by user. You rent out your hashrate power, so applicable rule “non ETH coin” and it’s FREE for users with 4 an less rigs using Hive OS.

Once again:
You can mine for free up to 4 rigs on Nicehash

Thanks for the quick reply and that’s great news!

I’m still worried however, like I said my home page says 1 day until lock and that I have a -$0.09 balance. I only have the “home” farm and it has only 2 rigs/workers. Both mining directly to the NiceHash stratum. So something is not right.

What are your thoughts about it saying 1 day until lock and my -$0.09 balance?

Thanks again.


See Billing fixes. All such charges will be reverted until end of January 25th.

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Super quick reply!

Where in the world is that “Hive OS Announcements” link at? I have not come across that. Can you link me that?

Also maybe its just a wording issue but you said “until” end of January 25. Does this mean that the negative balance (and mean lock threat :frowning: ) will go away at the end of January 25?


You don’t need to pay. Charges will be undone.

Link to Telegram channel (if you use Telegram messenger you can see above)
Also here our Facebook page

Awesome :+1:

I wish I would have seen that announcement somewhere and I wouldn’t have had to bother yall. But I have just subscribed to the telegram.

You’ve been most helpful. Thanks!

Also Telegram channel for English-speaking Hive OS GPU users -

I checked my 2-rig farm for the first time in weeks, and my rigs are not available on the farm overview, stating 0 workers. It seems they are still mining on ethermine though as the rigs are listed there with a hashrate.

Reading that there is a change of policy regarding mining ethhash algo, I though I should change to the hiveon pool. But now I am locked out with a balance of $-0,59. And unable to do the change. Should I make a new account, or could you remove the negative balance from my account (

regards hjsteg

send query to [email protected] specify query with your login to speedup unlock procedure

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Seems I have to pay the $0.59 in order to get my free account unlocked.