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Choose a mining pool

Hi I’m new on Hiveos, and French (so my English is not very good!)…
When you create a sheet, you have to choose a pool: do I have to sign in on the web adress of the pool before mining, or choosing the pool and an appropriate miner are enough?
Thank you

Hi, if I understand your question correctly, are you choosing the pool and an appropriate miner enough

before choose what coin u wanna mine
then look for the pools that supported the coin
then configure hive according to that
now in Hive pool settings, you set the pool based on pool requirements
some pool required login and password and they have the guide how to set it up on Hive or general setup for it
or some pools doesn’t require authentication , it only require the coin address
then configure Hive pool settings based on these info

To be honest, I have not heard of pools that do not require authentication.

all these pools can be used without creating user name and password
all u need is you coin address and pool address

There are, but 95% is just a hoax …

But even these 5% are more convenient if you find them? But of course risk breaks everything.

Sure, but as you say, it’s not worth it.