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Chinese B250 BTC-12P won't boot probably biostar clone

i have this motherboard that i bought on aliexress it’s for 12 gpus,so i hooked up two GPUs to test it out but it wouldn’t even post i have a g4400 cpu and a stick of 8gb ddr4 memory could it be broken or am i doing something wrong? Could it be that all of the slots should be occupied for it to work?

Is the motherboard LGA1151, is that CPU compatible with that Motherboard

yes it is LGA1151 it is supposed to be compatible, here that the board

Are you applying paste properly and applying the cooler properly?? Make sure to put all the cables properly!! Hit me up on Instagram or telegram ???

Also make sure to use the proper DIMM slots for your ram !!

I have connected all the cables but nothing could it need two DIMMs? I only installed one 8GB stick i tried both ram slots,the thermal paste was correctly applied

Try switching DIMM slots

i have tried both could it need 2 dimms?

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