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Hi there Newbe
i got my rig setup with help here
set up flightsheet but now cannot understand why some times im over 100 mhs other times 50mhs pi below is this normal or something a miss

but thre ethash is always below 59.45 ?

The poolside hashrate is calculated by the amount of shares over x minutes. The average is what you want to pay attention to, the real-time will fluctuate and is normal.

Don’t overclock the core clock and then power limit it, that’s counterintuitive. You want to use a locked core clock, around 1400mhz for 3060ti and no need for power limit. Should get you another 10% hashrate

been playing all day right
heres pic right now

highest i can get is 61.77 MH
anything over 270 mem crashes
core wont go above 1410

Statistics (23:51:49); Uptime: 0h 8m 0s
lolMiner 1.53, Nvidia 510.60.02, Api port 44444
Mining: Ethash
Connected to: (16ms latency)

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