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Check out my new MONSTER rig!

I just added this bad girl to my HiveOS farm!

It’s equipped with the latest tech… an ELEVEN year old Asus EEEPC netbook with a dual core Atom N450 CPU and 1gig of RAM, an RX 480 8GB reference card, a mini-PCIe riser and a Dell 250W PSU (probably like 60% efficiency rating!)

Here she is running with the lid closed, to stay incognito:

And here’s she is, opened up in her glory:

The lowest power consumption I could achieve is 175 watts total system power at 28.3MH/s … the laptop uses about 5 watts of that, so the PSU is pretty terrible, but it’s really more of a proof of concept at this point.

I think I’m going to add a PCIe multiplier card next and run 4 GPUs on it with a better PSU.

Tell me what you think I should do next.


Undervolt the card by setting core & mem clocks to 850mv, check power consumption after undervolt…then tuning the 480 to run over 30 mhs

Since I’m using a custom BIOS with -84mv core volts, 2100 memclock and custom straps, I figured it was not going to get any lower power consumption. Setting the voltages manually didn’t work at first, until I saw the “Aggressive Undervolting” switch in HiveOS… now I’m able to keep dropping the volts!

I’m down to “950 mV” which is actually 863 mV due to my BIOS offset (950-87=863) which is as stable as I can get the old RX.

Now I’m at 28.5Mh/s at only 155W at the PSU and 125W from the card using a clamp ammeter!

Shaved off a nice 20-ish watts and still making the same hashrate!

If I bump anything further, either the card crashes to 0 hashrate (core undervolt), or I get invalid shares (memory overclock)

what ram does it have…?

Same Samsung as yours.

But the card is very old (literally the first batch of reference cards) and is also one of the 4GB models that was flashed to 8GB. Those early cards may have used poor quality ram modules.

The highest I ever got the card was 29MH/s in Windows using Watt-tool to lower the voltage offsets.

But the memory would throw errors (reported in HWinfo) and I would see lots of rejected shares.

I will just have to be happy with 28.3Mhs at 120 watts DC.

Stability is the main objective…:+1:

This has been stable for days with the PC … without mod bios

Did you mean to post in my thread?

This is about my newest rig.

Not your 580 rig running at only 28mhs.

I have put my configuration because with my OC it is less volts and same mh / s, it was only to help

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