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Cheapest way to change ETH from hive minig to EUR?

What is the cheapest way to change ETH from hiveos mining to EUR (Bank account)?

Now i send ETH to myetherwallet , from MEW I send it to bitpanda , and from bitpanda to Bankaccount . I pay fees for transfering to Bitpanda , and I pay fees from bitbanda to bank acount

I tried the integarted MEW Swapping Service “Bity” . But I always get an error .
I tried bity several times never works for me … ( bank account in austria)

Mabe you have tips

You sent ETH to myetherwallet. This ETH was from you funds in hiveos?

yes earnings from hiveos

Yes, but the earnings goes to your funds in hiveos or to a personal wallet? I made the mistake of mining to my funds wallet and now I have 2k$ useless that only works for pay the rigs in hiveos.

My question is if you also mine to your hiveos funds wallet, like me, or if you mine to a personal wallet. I mean, I’ve been told that those funds cannot be withdraw, so if you’re doing it I would appreciate if you teach me how.

Thank you!

My funds going to a personal wallet at myetherwallet…

Is here really nobody who can tell me what the cheapest way is to swap ETH to EUR ?

So you sent your funds from HiveOS to your personal wallet? HOW!!! Where is that option?!

Thank you

once you change ETH to EUR in your wallet, send it to PayPal and from Paypal to your Bank Account.
from PayPal to Bank Acc. it is free of charge… At least I have it like this…

thank you for sharing.

No problems, If i know then I gladly help…

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