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Changing rig.conf file from MacOS

First I flash the SSD from my Mac using Etcher
When i try to configure the rig.conf file I can’t cus the SSD turns into NTFS everytime I flash the image. If I try to set it back to HFS the day is offcourse erased and when I flash the image it’s in NTFS again. I’ve tried allowing my Mac to read NTFS but I get weird results and can just see the folders within the drive and not the actual files…

How do you guys work around this issue? Or am I doing something completely wrong? When I read the guides there’s is nothing about this issue.

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I’m not sure why anyone who makes a Linux based OS will use NTFS on the boot image to store the config files. FAT32 would be such a simple option and be sufficient.

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Has anyone fixed this? It’s seems that the image to download comes with a NTFS FS. I can’t bring in the config file from my mac.
Because I don’t have a Windows computer, I’m just wondering what a solution might look like.

Happy for every help.

Having the same problem without a Windows computer in the house and only Mac I can’t fix the file permissions issue to edit the config file. I have not found a solution.

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No fix for this yet? I have the same issue.

I ended up buying a commercial ntfs driver and now I can read/write to the drive.

Hive, please fix this. It doesn’t make any sense to use a proprietary driver to install Linux. It seems like it would relatively easy to change.