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Changing powerlimit of gtx 1060 doesnt work


i’ve already got a rig running with 6 gtx1060 on win 10, it uses about 550w of electricity which is ±83w per card incl the cpu etc…

The other rig i have is one with 1 gtx 1060 and 2 rx 570 which is running on hive OS. This rig is at 400w. underclocking the amd cards worked (before i was at 500w)

But when i lower the power limit of my gtx1060 i dont see any change on my wattmeter. weather i set it at 60w 80w 100w or 200w, i never see a decrease of increase in power usage on my wattmeter. i’ve tried rebooting after every change, nothing seems to work.

Anyone else who has the same issue and knows how to fix it?

thx in advance

First of all, look at the minimum and maximum and default PL values of your cards.
This can be done on rig control panel
Warning if you set PL lower then minimal value then driver set it as maximum!

i think the minimal PL is 100W, this is what i see in the control panel: Power Limit 100.00 W, 200.00 W, 216.00 W. i’ve did the test without pl on stock setting, 7 card are around 730w. with PL limit set at 100, and after a reboot, i still get 730W. so i assume this setting doesnt work on hive os? i will try to instal win10 on this rig and than test it again.

Looks like Gaming series from MSI. I’m guess?
So minimal PL is 100. If set lower then 100 you get 200 or 216 but it’s not mean what you see this number on watt-meter.
Hive OS can’t change core voltage on NVidia cards because today there no way to do it on Linux like MSI Afterburner does it on Windows.

Yes indeed its the gaming series.
Ive now got a clean windows 10 instal running on the rig, (7x msi gtx 1060 6GB, 8gb ram, asus mining board and an intel g3900) i have a slight higer Mh/s (2 to 3 Mh/s more compared to hiveOS) but i managed to get the power down to 635W ish.

SO HiveOS 160Mh/s and 750W from the wall (overclocked)
Win10 163Mh/s and 635W from the wall (overclocked)

looks like the gtx’s will keep running win10
ive got hive running my 2x rx 570 right now

Будет очень хорошо, если можно будет изменять напряжение на ядре видеокарты NVIDIA как MSI Afterburner делает это на Windows. Буду ждать с нетерпением!

please help i have issue with my gtx 1060 galax exoc 6gb
my card always error when i try to overclock