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Changing Minimum, Ave, and Maximum power on a 1070 ti

Hi Guys,

On my rig I see the following:

GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8119 MiB, Power Limit 90.00 W, 180.00 W, 230.00 W

Is there any way to change these Power Limit values? I want to replace 90W with 50W.

… and 100 MH per card on Ethereum ? :smiley:

I don’t understand your answer.
With 90W on Ethereum I’m getting 27MH/s on one card. I’d like to see how much it drops if I can set it lower than 90W.

You can’t set PL lower then minimal.
Usually if you try to set it lower the min than driver sets it as maximum with huge power usage of course.
You can check it or believe me

OK, thanks

Theoretically - you could, but you’d need to flash a BIOS from a different manufacturer with a lower TDP, if such exists of course. I wouldn’t risk it, though.
The lower limit is 50% and it is enforced by the GPU BIOS, Hive can’t control it.