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Change Wallet

Hello to all,

This morning i change my wallet addr (to flight …) from one wallet to another … the proccess of my mminer is 73% to complete the 100% (0.1 eth) to complete for payout…
after 6 hours i see from mining proccess 3% and no payout… I dont see any transaction and no payment into my wallet…
What sould i do for this ?

Thanks in advance…

I have just done the same thing. Did you get any response? Did you figure it out?


Yes i solved through hive os admin… if u change wallet you eth does not gone …they stay this address until 28th every month…then hive os send it … sorry for my bad english…
So the best think is to change address after 100% (0.1 eth) payout…

Cool. So it’s still there, I guess that you just lose track of exactly how much you have?

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Hello thanks OK I get you have to change the address after payout thats not Kool but anywho if you have some left like I do what wallet does it go too since the one you mine to now is different since you had to change it and its going to be different again lol

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