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Change monitoring agent port

Is it possible to change the agent config to look for miners on a different port?

Claymore defaults to 3333, but is it possible to change that?

I have monitoring tools I like to use over the internet that require port forwarding, but it won’t work if every instance of Claymore on the network is listening on 3333.

You can but you lost stats from Hive

Sorry, what I actually meant was: Is it possible to change the port that the AGENT is listening on internally to get the info from Claymore and other miners?

i know I can set the Claymore port, I do that all the time, I want to know if I can set some config in HiveOS somewhere that will let me tell the HiveOS Agent to find the miners on different ports.

if you set own ports for miner API then you must edit HiveOS files but it’s nonsense IMHO because it’s rat races - after every update you always will be need to edit this files again and again.
It’s bad strategy, but you can go this way - no one will forbid it to you )))

You make a good point about updates, I didn’t think about that.

Your web UI scales well on mobile and your layout adjusts properly, so it’s not a big deal, it’s just easier to check rig status with an app than to open a browser and have to zoom in etc, so I was considering the different ways I can setup the monitoring to get both options if possible.

But I also don’t like the idea of constantly modifying config every time an update gets deployed. I agree with you on that.

Ideally, it would be nice if the monitoring ports and the VNC listen port could be configured the same way you allow configuration of Network settings and Rig.conf, up front, and in a location where you can just copy it back after every update, like you do with those other settings, so no config gets lost.

That would be the most flexible approach for your miners. Maybe worth some consideration for a future update.

HiveOS eliminating this hell with open ports but you want go back ))

It’s totally bad idea. No comments anymore