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CCminer + Ravencoin = High CPU load?

Got 2 rigs which are running fine for months.
Both are 1070’s x6 of different brands, i mine RVN for some times and noticed that one of my rigs got a lots of issue with this specific coin…
The “behavior” of the rig is pretty incoherent, most of the time the 4th GPU is not working (at least not reported working by the agent) lots of time the whole Rig is showed as Down or offline.
I’ve tried multiple thing to fix this:
_ Changing mining software (always CCminer but with different fork such as Enemy, Suprminer, nervemore).
_ Upgrading Hiveos (from 0.5-43 to 44 to 47).
_ With of without OC.

The only thing i’ve noticed is a High CPU load

This Issue is only for one of my rigs and only on RVN coin…

Wanted to know if I the only one is this situation ?

Did you ever figure this out…?

I just started mining RVN on Hive, and I’m having the same issue.

I mined RVN when it first came out with no issue, but never with Hive. I’ve done a lot of mining with HIve with no issue, but never RVN…

i have the same problem!

this is not the cpu load. this is % of rejects

So what is the solution? Change pool?

This is percentage of accepted shares… You have A(ccepted) 23 and R(ejected) 1 share.