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Case fans! Auto fan

Hi all, first off thanks for taking the time to read into this.

I was having a look at the OCTOMINER and MINERDUDE cases and came across these images.

It seems they have found a way to link case fans speed to the max gpu fan speed.
I’m not sure how they did this but this would be a great feature to have!
Screen shots below, sort for the poor Rez, it’s the best image I could find.

It looks like they have a fan expansion card that handles it, but how was this intergraded into hive?
The cases ship with a pre loaded hive image so it’s clearly modified.


Hi, i’m looking for the same feature.
And yes they had a controler and modify hive OS.

If anyone find any kind of controler we can had and any github regarding some module to had to hive OS, it would be greatly appreciate :slight_smile:

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I’m also interested in this feature, I would like to control my PWM fans plugged on my mobo within HiveOS UI.
Does AutoFan also control this ? or only GPU’s fan


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Nothing new about this feature? :thinking:

All my rigs are powered with Corsair Hx1000i and to monitor real power usage i use liquidctl.

It should be interesting if this kind of features could be integrated in hiveos since with liquidctl you can control a lot of different hardware (pumps, fans, psu, rgb and a lot more)