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Cards won't mine on hiveos?

I had a rig with 5x 8gb amd radeon r9 390’s. They were all mining fine at 29 mh/s each. They all stopped mining on hiveos. I connected the cards to a test rig and they work fine and the video works fine. I can even get them to mine on windows but the thing is, they only get 12 mh/s each on windows. I’ve attached a picture showing the cards are recognized on hiveos, they just won’t mine anymore. I’ve tried many different miners and flight sheets. Does anyone know what happened?

its possible the newest amd driver doesnt support those as theyre pretty old at this point. try downgrading your kernel

How would I go about downgrading a kernel?

flashing an older image, you can find the list by running hive-replace --list and choosing an image with kernel 5.10.83 or older