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Cards with 4gb ram and the Ethereum DAG file

The 4gb DAG file threshold has passed and I was expecting to see a drop in hashingpower for ETH at when the 4gb cards were phased out. So far nothing has changed, am I missing part of the picture here, are the 4gb cards still able to mine for some time longer ? Does anyone have any additional information regarding this ?

I’m still mining on a few 4gb GPUs in “Zombie Mode”. Basically it’s an updated feature that lets you continue to mine past the 4gb DAG but at reduced hash rate. The hash rate will then continue to drop after each successive epoch.

|Epoch|DAG Mb|DAG% |Loss %
381 4072 100% 0%
382 4080 99,95% -1,6%
383 4088 99,76% -7,4%
384 4096 99,56% -13,2%
385 4104 99,37% -18,6%
386 4112 99,17% -23,8%
387 4120 98,98% -28,9%
388 4128 98,79% -33,6%
389 4138 98,6% -37.9%
390 4144 98,41% -42,3%
395 4184 97,47 -62,1%
400 4224 96,54% -78,8%

Thank you for the reply. If most professional miners use this Zombie Mode it might be the explanation why there has been no noticeable drop in hashrate after the 4gb DAG was reached.

It still puzzles me though, with more than 30% of the GPUs on HiveOS being 4gb versions (and assuming the percentage is somewhat similar worldwide) yet the hashrate didn’t drop at all it seems, in fact it appears to have increased instead.

Ah well, I was hoping for a profitability boost for Christmas, perhaps it will hit in January instead.

Yeah I was hoping for the same. I think it might just be because there are more 5600 , 5700, 3060, 3070, coming online that is making up for the drop from the 4gb cards.

You may also go look at the ETC hashrate since they lowered their DAG below 4GB.

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