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Cards getting Off

Problem coming my side of cards getting offline , symbol comes " zzZ " 3 out of 3 cards gone dark , and then I have to restart the rig to get all running,

Card : 1660 Super

I downgrade the version, so they are stable at around 4-6 hr, but after that same happens ,

And suggestions for it please…

Please suggest the core , memory, for new update if anywhere working fine …?

a few things:

-youre on the beta hive image for some reason? best to run the latest stable image.

-dont use ethminer, its outdated and unsupported. instead use trex/gminer/lolminer etc

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Thank you for your support

your little trick gives me increase in hashrate but now my miner getting off in 20 min now
set the miner g-miner

cards are getting off in 20to 10 min now //

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