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Cards dont get enough power

So I have 6 RTX 3060 in my rig and 1700 Watt, which is waaaaay more than enough. But the thing is, that my 6th card only runs at 40W. all the others work just fine. And if I put in a RTX 3090, two of the 3060 drop to 40 and the 3090 only runs at 260. I dont understand why.
Heres another funny thing. If I change the flight from ETH lolminer to RVN trex, all the 3060s run at full 120W. Why???
I dont get it.

What’s your chipset?

Oc settings to help…

this is the cpu, really old: Intel® Celeron® CPU 1037U @ 1.80GHz

Ive tried multiple, also without, problem remains. Right now its:
core: -200
mem.: 1400
powerlimit: 120W

For eth (Lol miner) beggining from this values…
Core at 1600 mem at 2200 Pl 120… with this values 37 - 38 mh/s…
After OC restart your rig…and check…

1600 core?

yes Absolute core clock

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