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Cards come up but wont mine

I’ve got 5 cards currently in, all 5 show up (and have mined b4), Now only 4 of them will mine.

If I remove said card, another card wont mine.

5 cards in, 4 mine
4 cards in, 3 mine.

Any ideas?

(ignore the heat, I fixed that heheh).

Ive changed the positions in the MOBO, changed risers aswell.

Is the miner showing anything (errors or messages) in the miner console? Do other miners have the same issue? Do all cards work on their own?

I apologize for the lack and slow response.

All the cards mine alone, no error show up.

Does the miner build the dag file for that gpu? Have you tried other miners?

A bit of turning on and off, changing etc I have gotten an error message about the OC.
And I have a slight concern about the heat.


It turns 73* instantly when turned on, all the cards are cold to the touch aswell, changed paste too. any ideas?

Ive changed the Power limit to 110W, is that ok? Just a reset?

Where can I find a dag file?

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