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Card detected randomly

Hi guys,

here are my Settings

1 x Asrock q270
8 x AMD PowerColor RX 6800
2 x bquiet PSU 850W Straight Power Platinum

OC are all 1320 / 680 / 780 / 1060 / 1290

Now my problem, Hiveos is only detected 2 cards, it is like playing Bingo, sometimes 4 or 6 cards are detected.

This is my 6th rig, but i have never had those problems before :-/

What could be the problem?

Thx for help

Do you have all the hive recommended motherboard bios settings set?

Hello and thx for reply :slight_smile: Only the standard settings, where can i get the recommended settings for bios?

Hi there,

I have the same issues as the description above. Exact same rig with the right BIOS settings. The cards are not detected on the boot. The Q270 has a screen where you can check if the cards are recognized or not. If they are, the gpu slots are becoming green, if not, they are orange or red. In this case, you sometimes see GPU slot 1 green, then you press reset and you see gpu slot 2, 3, 4 on green, the gpu slot 1 (which was green before) becomes orange/red.

Could the PSU not be sufficient? Anyone idea?

Thank you so much for reading this, and have a pleasant day.


Test each card 1 by 1, test and rule out risers/cables/psus etc with trial and error

Hi keaton_hiveon,

Done that as well. I get only 5 cards working, without any issues. Sometimes I get 7 cards (green), but then I receive an error from HiveOS that the cpu is stuck, and then I have to reboot and do it all again. With 5 cards it all works fine.

Any other ideas that I can try?


Are you on the latest bios? What pcie gen do you have set?


I am on the latest bios. PCIE gen set to automatic.

Try all the reccomended settings

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