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Can't use my keyboard on shell in a box

Hey guys, I can’t type keystrokes in shellinabox for some reason. Any ideas why this is happening?
When I start the shell it starts the remote shell starts successfully but then after I click on the link and try to type anything in the terminal it doesn’t type anything… But when I use the on-screen keyboard it works.

Is this like a feature to protect the shell from attacks? I’m new to hiveos and not sure why this is happening.

I will appreciate any support. Best!


i have the same issue sadly i still haven’t found a fix …

i was finally able to replicate it on another rig. What you need to do is " Hive Shell Stop" once or twice until it works again.

Hello there,
I had the same problem.
When I opened the link with firefox, there was no problem. This simple solution may work for you.

i have the same issue. please help

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