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Can't start miner, can't initialize CUDA engine, cuda exception in (main 712), no cuda capable device detected. Is Nvidia driver installed?

Hello friend I hope you’re doing well! I am experiencing an issue from last week. I am using the Colorful H81 Motherboard.

I am able to run a single card from the main PCIe slot on the motherboard, but when I connect another through Riser, the OS detect the GPU on the start but it won’t go beyond that and I get this error,

can’t start miner, can’t initialize CUDA engine, Cuda exception in (main 712), no Cuda capable device detected. Is Nvidia driver installed?

I am using the risers 009s version.

Thank you

Hola compañero, tengo el mismo problema con 1 gpu y no hay manera de areglarlo. Has podido solucionarlo tu?

hola, los overclock poner todos en 0 y reiniciar todo. con eso me funciono y pude arracncar

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