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Can't start miner, can't initialize CUDA engine, code exception: CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE. Is NVIDIA driver installed?

Good afternoon, I am new to this and have been trying to find an answer for 2 days. I wanted to see if I could find it before posting it here. I am setting up my first rig and trying to run using an RX 480 card until my 3080’s ship. The problem I am having is the following.

Error: “Can’t start miner, can’t initialize CUDA engine, code exception: CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE. Is NVIDIA driver installed?”

The card is getting power and fans are running. flashed bios on card and currently running Drivers: 460.91.03.

Any help would be welcomed.


You have on e RX 480 and one Rtx 3080 (LHR) ?
Sry i don’t understand…
Witch miner u use?

Sorry, I am running an RX 480. I don’t have the 3080 just yet.

miner u use?


not the pool the miner…

T-Rex, is this what you are asking? Sorry very new…

Trex is only for Nvidia cards… use Team Red miner

was it really that easy, lol… Thank You

It’s working…

You are Welcome…

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For Future Reference, and since you are expecting 3080 cards - once you start setting up the flight sheet - pay attention on the miner - there are nvidia and amd only and there are some that work for both cards.
My personal opinion is, if you use nvidia - Trex is one of the best! if you use AMD - phoenixminer or teamredminer…
also make sure you do your research about OC settings - in order to make sure your cards are running efficient! And dont go for max MH, you need your card to run cool, so you can use it longer :slight_smile:

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