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Can't payout, please help me!

i have no clue how to payout, my payout has frozen and my rig stopped making any money for some reason. my accepted ratio is 97% and im just really confused on why it doesnt pay me my money, and why isnt my rig making any money.

What the pool says about your wallet?

where can i see this?

Go to you wallet and you’ll see a link to access to the pool and see your wallet

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:small_blue_diamond:Payment not received
You either didn’t meet threshold on time or your wallet has been locked. This is most commonly caused by surpassing the max allowed stale(5%)/ invalid(8%) rate percentage for a prolonged period of time.
Check your Hiveon Dashboard (’s Shares graph.
You can view it by Day, Week or even Month and review whether you have had too many stales/invalids recently. If that’s the case, your wallet has most likely been locked. Unlocks are done manually — Get in touch with the team supplying your wallet address for checks.