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Can't OC RX 570

Hi, guys. I’m running 1x RX 570 and 1x RX 580. The 580 has no problemas, but I can’t OC the RX 570 in HiveOS. Without OC, it gives me 21 hash rate, but everytime I try to OC the card, seems like the miner recognizes the memory as 4 gb insted of 8 gb, so the GPU doesn’t start.

Have you ever seen this? I tried it using phoenixminer and TeamRedMiner and same thing happens. I’ve used the popular preset OC. Even lower values takes to this.

My card is a Radeon RX 570 8192 MB · AMD/ATI
Micron MT51J256M3 · 113-xxx-xxx

And now that happened:

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