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Can't miner by Phoenix miner over naopool!

hey guys
the HiveOS shows the mining process but the pool shows the zero Last reported and Zero current reported!
when i put Phoenix miner on Nano Pool, the mining process is okay but the hashrates on pool are zero and after 15 minutes the mining process will be terminate for no reason the logs shows the shared 0 and rejected zero and the WD restart mining!
but when i put nanominer on nano pool it works; I want to know is there any movement or any problem on this section by miners? or just pools close the connections everytime!? after 1 month i just found the best OC and connection but now it’s a nightmare (the current calculated hashrate is too low on nanopool but reported is OK on nanominer + nanopool)

any advise?

I am facing the same problem, my miner stays active on hiveos but is offline on nanopool.

Did you find any solution

wish i could be more help, but i did notice that some of the miners actually require you to enter your wallet address and stuff, where it seems most like t rex and team red miner just go by the info from the flight sheet.

also if it’s because you’re using amd and nvidia cards just set up a mixed flight sheet with 2 miners. t rex and trm are pretty great.

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