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Can't mine Ravencoin

I was able to mine Ravencoin using Nanominer (and also NBMiner) in Windows, but after recently moving to HiveOS I can’t mine RVN with Nanominer (on nanopool) on the same cards (4GB RX570). The cards show up for a bit in HiveOS and I can see the fan speed and temp, but they have n/a as their hash rate, and then after a few minutes they just disappear.
I have other cards mining ETH in HiveOS on the same machine and they work fine, but these two cards aren’t working for some reason. I also tried NBMiner and it didn’t work either.
I’m using the same settings as I did in Windows (same pool/wallet/devices settings) so I’m not sure what could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas?

Looks like I figured it out (with some guidance from support). I had removed overclock settings from the tuning section and the flightsheet, but it looks like there were still OC settings in individual card section with the little speedometer looking button. Once I removed those settings the cards started to work again.

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