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Cant mine on hiveon but ravenminer works

Setup a rig for a client a week ago and got it mining on Ravenminer using trex miner “algo kawpow”
it mines at 94 mh on there with the 3x 3070s we are going to add more I left on vacation and checked in a few times it mined for 6 days but never received a payout of raven coin to the wallet on Metamask wallet we set up.
I was thinking maybe it didn’t produce enough to meet the 10 rvn coin threshold but when I checked the calculator 90+ mh should do about 30 rvn coins a day so that’s well over so I’m a bit confused why payout was never received I 3x checked the address and its correct.

the other weird thing I can’t figure out is when mining on hiveon it shows N/A for hash rate along with a few others I tested raven miner is the only 1 that shows to be working when I set up a flight sheet does anyone know what the issue is or have an idea of what could cause this?

Did you check the pool dashboard you are mining to? What does it show?

Also if the miner isn’t showing a hashrate you should check the miner console/logs to see if there is an error or issue.