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Can't mine ETH & ETC


I have a rig with 8 cards, 2 of them are 4GB, the rest 8GB. I would like to use the 2x4GB for mining ETC and the 6x8GB for mining ETH. I have set up a flight sheet to do this (Phoenix Miner for ETH and TeamRedMiner for ETC), but when I run it, only ETC starts mining. It does use the correct cards. But Phoenix miner doesn’t seem to start.

Phoenix miner works on my rig mining ETH with all 8 cards (when I add the 4GB limit string) so I know that there’s no issue with my combination of cards.

Can anyone help?


you create 1 “Flight Sheets” and in it you add 2 miners and in each miner you tell him what you like to mine ETH and in the second miner what you like to mine ETC

here it is a rig with 5 graphics cards where one board mines ETC using TRM and the other 4 boards mines ETH using LolMiner

Thank you, I had my flight sheets set up fine but the miners weren’t working. I wa trying to use Phoenix and TRM. I played around with different miners and ended up using TRM and LolMiner the same as you and it is working fine now :+1:

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