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Can't mine bitcoin

hello, i am fairly new to this and i have a couple of questions. First of all, i wanted to mine bitcoin but when create a flight sheet, i can only select asicminer in the miner options but i have amd based gpu miner and i get a ‘invalid data given’ error message. when i try to apply this flight sheet it obviously doesn’t work. right now i am mining etherieum because this works fine but somehow bitcoin doesn’t work. i have 6 rx580 8gb in my system on an overclock of internet. but i am wondering if i can get more out of my system on a better overclock

It hasn’t been profitable to mine BTC on GPUs since around 2013, so most mining software doesn’t have that option. For GPUs these days, ETH is the default, the baseline against which other currencies are evaluated in terms of profitability, and by far your best bet in terms of current profitability. It’s probably the best one to start with as you’re learning too, so at least you won’t waste time/power mining some random altcoin that will be worth nothing by this time next year. Then as you get more familiar you can explore other coins/algos.

There are lots of mining profitability calculators online that will give you approximate stats for different pieces of hardware on different coins/algorithms. WhatToMine is one example.

thank you so much this actually helped out a lot!

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