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Cant make it run stable 6600

Hello, got 4 nvidia cards and 1 amd (3070, 2x1660S, 2060S, 6600)
Mobo BTC B250 (aliexpress) 3900G
PSU Corsair HX 850
Last stable version Hiveos 0.6-217@220422
Gminer - last (same problem with another miners)
If i run it only 4 nvidia, its run for a weeks
Tryed 6600 in my pc and it run for a week stable too (Windows OS)
But together it cant run stable. Error on 6600 always
Checked psu, cables and risers, all seems good
Any suggestions?

your settings are whats making it unstable. 600mv is likely too low. the goal is to find the lowest stable voltages, if its not stable, start back at stock and lower slowly.

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