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Cant make hiveos to work

Hi! I want to switch from Windows to hiveos but can’t make it work properly!

Hardware: mobo gb x299 gaming 9…cpu i9 7920x…ram 16gb…5rtx 3060 12gb…1rtx 2060…1*3080 ti

I first installed hiveos in a usb stick…but it all the time couldn’t boot for a second time! Root problems… source problems…etc
Installed hiveos in an ssd and booting is fixed!
My problem is…that hiveos becomes unresponsive all the time! If i start a miner…it takes time to start it…and if i want to change even for a bit the gpu clocks…it stacks! Hive shell takes time to give me a url…and most of the times it says that no miner is been used! With reboot…it stay stacked! I have to reboot the machine from its reset button! Downgraded to nvidia drivers 460.39 so i can use fan glitch for the 3060s! Using latest hiveos software!

How is you internet connection? I noised that in Hiveos most things are delayed, dont forget that you are connecting to your rig through a outside server. So quality of internet will matter. At the begining I had hard time getting used to the delays.

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