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Cant Login its says NoConnectionError


i need help here, for couple days i try to login but its always says NoConnectionError, but i was able to login if im using phone network. please help.

I used to have the same issue with my phone but was working with the desktop. Now both the devices are having the same issue. Hope someone could help figure this out.

Having the same problem both windows and android. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Same problem here in Canada. SSH is working, miners are mining, I see all fine from command prompt, just cannot access webpage.
Tried various IPs (using VPN)
Tried direct from my Android phone using data plan so again different IP
All pings, ports checked.
Suspect may server side issue at HiveOS?
In any case, looks like my rigs are mining and making Eth and RVN
Was going to do another YouTube update on my HiveOS rigs tonight, I guess I can only show the Windows box hahaha
Maybe the earlier update went sour.
Just checked their Telegram - some issues with account logins, they are aware and working on it.
Meantime, I checked all my miners are indeed mining.

I have same problem in Russia - No Connection Error when I trying to login to web-console.

sama here in Indonesia. I guess we have to wait till hiveos check their end

Works for me now.

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