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Can't lock clock on 3080Ti FE

I’m trying every cool-bits value, no success. Same as After reboot it stays locked to what I set (§eg. 1400 MHz) but after a few seconds it takes over and floats below 1100 automatically.
Also, setting it on miners command line does the same. After a few seconds, Cards takes over and goes back below 1100 MHz.
Also, command nvidia-smi -i 0 --lock-gpu-clocks=1400 produces the same result.
No chances to lock Founders Edition?

is it throttling?

I don’t think so, man. I repadded it and temps are 58 core - 88 °C mems.

Do you update recently Hiveos version 0.6-217@220524?

Yes I’m using 0.6-217@220524

I have same problem about updated the said version. No choice, I have to flash my Hiveos reinstalled older version and driver 520.60.02 again. Happy to get back my 120Mh/s. Maybe you can try this way here. Hope can help up.

Ouch… Did you try only with drivers, instead of reinstalling the whole OS?
I’m using N 510.68.02 at the moment.

Your driver version seems not to exist

Sorry typing error 510.60.02

Can you post the output of nvtool --throttle

Are you on the latest stable image/kernel? Latest miner version?

Immagine 2022-05-27 182031

It says Power Limit.
Also, I managed to cool it up a little further and noticed it actually locks the clock, but throttles down as soon as mems hit 85°C or core hits 55°C. So yes it seems a throttling problem. But with temps so low?

Immagine 2022-05-27 182717
This is the output of
sudo nvidia-smi -q -d POWER

Try flashing the latest hive stable image first, as youre on a 6 month old kernel or so.

Try setting your power limit to the max tdp of the card. So 400w.

Does it still show power limit throttling?

Setting the PL to 400W instead of 0 or 300 or 350 did it! No throttling anymore O.o

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