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Cant get T-Rex 0.26.1 to install - Solved

Hi All,

Trying to run 0.26.1 so I can resume dual mining ETH + ALPH with full unlock but when I create a flight sheet specifying the 0.26.1 version or latest it will not run. Looking at the console it appears as if it gets stuck on downloading the package. This has been happening for a few days now.

If I specify and earlier version, say 0.25.x it works without issue. What am I missing, or is the inability to download part of the ongoing maintenance? I’m happy to install it manually if someone can point me to a guide to do so.

Thank you for any help.

If it shows it’s downloading just let it finish. It will take a while with the current server load

As usual, you were spot on. Just had to give it about 10 minutes or so. Thanks.

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