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Can't get my Rig to run stable. Please help!

I have 3 RX5700 XT and 1 RX580. Can’t get then to run stable. I’ve been playing with OC settings. Got RX5700 to mine but RX580 not getting any hash rate. Seems like when I change setting for 1 GPU other get affected too. Someone, please help.

to simplify the issue, you might want to set the overclocking for the 580 separately. Stop the miner. press the gauge graphic to the far right of the 580 row. change to vdd setting to what you want for this card only instead of for 3 cards. I actually like using the watt setting instead of the vdd setting. Then restart the miner. sometimes it will reboot if one of the cards isn’t running. I use Pheonix miner. I don’t have any 580 cards myself. good luck.

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Thanks for reply. Not sure you understood my issue. I’ve been editing OC settings separately for all cards. But somehow when I edit OC settings for 1 card it effects other GPUs as well. Hash rate changes on other cards, Watt power changes. Why? Not sure what’s going on or what I’m doing wrong. Could it be my motherboard? I’ve replaced PSE, only use about 50% of rater PSU power.

Go to “run command” at the top menu and run “amd-info”. Make sure the 580 is running at your specified clock. Adjust your dpm accordingly if its not. 2150 mem clock might be too high also.